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Dear admin

For the interest of people please hide my identity.

I had been with my wife for more than 5yrs and we have 4yr old girl as you can see on my cover photo. One night we were sleeping at night and she told that she got a job which was ok with me but my question was at time will you be coming back home every day? She had no answer for that.

After 2 weeks she told me that her sister was sick and she wanted to go and take care of her and I offered her transport kumbe she was going to the job. She spent 1 month with out coming back.

When I called she told me that she went to work. I told her to choose between marriage and work and she said all she wants is to work. Now where the problem is her company was closed due to covid 19 and she has no. She is making calls now asking about our baby and said that she wants to come back that life is not easy yet when she was working she never gave us anything.

What can I do.

Thx alot

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