25.6 Questions With Jajja Bruce, The Comedian.

We run into one of our favorite comedians Bruce and subjected him to our 25.6 questions. Let's get to know him!

What do your friends call you?: Jajja Bruce

What did you have for breakfast today? : scrambled eggs and black tea

What do you do for work? : Am a Comedian, Businessman and a Farmer

Who was your very first crush? : Can't remember

Which superpower would you wish to have? : Flying

If you had one hour to live, who’d you spend it with? : My family while praying

If you win the lottery today, what are you buying first? : A House

How many people do you live with? : Three

Explain your job to a 5 year old kid. : I make people laugh and forget their problems

What’s the most recent lie you told? Why? : Someone asked me if am okay and i said am okay just not to worry that person

What’s your favorite line in your current favorite song? : Memories bring back memories

Have you ever made the first move? If so, how? If not, why? : Nope, Am shy

Your worst three pet peeves are… : I speak my mind

Am a bit reserved

I don't give a damn

Who’s your celebrity crush? (Worldwide) : Lupita Nyongo

Who’s your celebrity crush? (Ugandan) : Zanie Brown

What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in school? : I escaped from school caught and disciplined at a school parade

What’s the farthest you’ve been from home? Went to Kigali-Rwanda

Which animal do you identify with? A dog for its a man's best friend and it's protective of it's territory

What’s the worst job you’ve had? : office messenger

How different was your life one year ago? I used to work alot, had a TV Show I was hosting and had different performances around the country

Single line : Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are on lock-down and can't perform like I used to

What did your last text say? Who sent it/who did you send it to? Working on it, Sent to a client

Who do you argue with the most? My friend

What’s your favorite body feature? (On yourself) My nose

What’s your favorite body feature? (On another person) The Feet if it's well taken care of

Why did your last relationship end? Was too busy for the relationship

PDA, yes or no? Nope

Is there a secret you are willing to take to the grave? Tell us a little about it. It's a secret

What do you listen to in the morning? Gospel music

Where do you want to be in 3 years? Have a production house of my own

In relationships, are you passionate or cautious? Passionate

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