Abryanz Begs President Museveni To Employ Him As His Fashion Designer. 

Abryanz Fashion Collection CEO Ahumuza Brian a.k.a Abryanz has expressed a desire to work with President Museveni so as he could improve his fashion sense.

While replying to a tweet posted by reknown journalist, Daniel Lutaaya in which Daniel castigated State House officials for not minding about the President's fashion. He advised them to throw away Nuseveni's three button suits and called on Abryanz to address the issue.

"But can't someone in state house save the country and throw away Nuseveni's three button suits. Where is @AbryanzOfficial when you need him?" he wondered.

Abryanz was thus quick to respond and said he wants the job as badly as he wants to make it to the Forbes magazine.

"Badly need this job. @KagutaMuseveni" hereplied.

President Museveni has established himself as 'the old man with a har' and has earned the reputation of donning the same shirts, either white or yellow without changing anything whatsoever

However, Abryanz' dessugns have also not escaped critcism with some painting out that the fashion styles are too simple, exaggerated and outdated yet very costly.

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