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Abryanz Speaks Out On Rumors Of Being Gay.

Brian Ahumuza

Popular fashion designer Brian Ahumuza alias Abryanz has denied subscribing to the LGBT sexual orientation.

The fashion star has been rumored to be gay and that his Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) are sponsored by LGBT groups.

However, while appearing on Uncut show, Abryanz laughed off allegations of being sponsored by LGBT saying that his show is one of the most sponsored in Uganda by companies such as UBL and South African Airlines.

I even laugh about it, my event, I think it’s the most sponsored event in Uganda, and it's sponsored by reputable companies like UBL, South African airline among others. For all the years my event has always been sponsored so I don’t know why people make such allegations,” he revealed.

He also said that his success is through a lot of hard work and hustling, having kick-started his career in Owino Market almost ten years ago.

I used to work in Owino market till when my business expanded. Those who know me well know, I was in Owino, I then sub rented with some people, later i rented a small shop on Wilson road. Till when Zari bought for me this shop on garden city,” he boasted.

Fashion in Uganda has not been so appreciated. For example, when they see a man wearing in a certain kind of way or wearing earrings people start talking, however I can’t blame them because it’s the culture.” Abryanz said on the reason as to why people think he is gay/.

The fashion celebrity has been famous for many of his latest fashion designs and has over ten years of experience in the industry.

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