Actor Idris Elba And Wife Recover From Covid 19 Despite Being Asthmatic.

English actor and producer Idris Elba has shared a health update that him and his wife Sabrina have passed the quarantine period and are currently doing okay .

The actor, 47, took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to share a health update where he told fans they were 'doing ok' and still asymptomatic. 

"Hello Family just wanted to inform you that me and my wife are currently doing ok, it's been two weeks of isolation, it's amazing more so for me who is athematic to come out well, they were huge scares before but thank God we came through,my wife Sabrina had some bit of fever but she is recovered well, " he said.

However, he stressed that they are stuck in limbo because they can't get a flight back home. "The only challenge is we can't be allowed to fly back home .but we are ok, " he added.

It should be remembered that earlier this month, the actor came public about his condition in a video together with the wife but now after completing the two weeks of isolation he has again recorded another to update the masses about his current state.

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