After 14 days, Please Add more; Toolman To Museveni.

Long time and faded singer Toolman Kibalama has resurrected again in this Covid-19 lock down.  The once vibrant singer appeared on internet crying out for President Museveni to extend more weeks of nation lock down even after the current 14 days.


While speaking from Germany, the singer turned a nurse says that in Germany it is worse and people are dying each and every passing day.

Toolman reveals that even after the current 14 days, the president should add more weeks to see the virus out of Ugandan.

The former Firebase Crew Dance hall / Ragga artist gave his view after he learned that Uganda’s 2-weeks lock down will elapse on 19th May.

The former singer is a medical personnel in Germany and at the fore front of fighting the deadly virus.

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