Alex Muhangi Should Apologize To Me Publicly, MC Kapale.

Renown stand up comedian MC Kapale has asked fellow comedian Alex Muhangi to come out publicly and apologize to him for disrespecting him. During an interview with journalists, Kapale said that Alex Muhangi gave him a phone call after he said that his jokes were not funny anymore, he tells him to do the same live on television just like he did in the first place. "Muhang called me immediately after he said on television that my jokes are not funny anymore and apologized but I want hin to do the same thing on television, " he said. He further came to his defense saying that he trained many comedians including MC Mariachi who is always performing on comedy store. "If am not funny anymore just like Alex said, then why are some of the comedians I made like MC Mariachi are performing on comedy store, " he said He also asked Muhangi to give him a show as a stand up comedian on comedy store so that he can forgive him. " if he is really sorry for what he said about me, let him give me a show as a stand up comedian on comedy store so that I can also make money and maybe build apartments," he said. It should be remembered that Alex Muhangi said that MC Kapale is not funny anymore like he used to be and that is why he doesn't have him perform on comedy store.

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