Alicia Bosschic Attacks Annatalia Oze Over Lord Kaiyz.

Digital influencer, Alicia Bosschic has ‘did it’ again when she attacked NBS Kalakata presenter, Annatalia Oze for bullying her co presenter, Lord Kayz.

Annatalia Oze

Lord Kaiyz has been in the past weeks been filling in for Zahara Totto who is said to have misunderstandings with Annatalia Oze.

However, Alicia Bosschic expressed irritation at the manner in which Oze treats Kayz during the show, interrupting him and limiting his verbatim. She criticized Oze saying that she is not fit for the entertainment show.

"Annatalia Oze first of all you bitch you don’t deserve to be on an entertainment show. You don’t fit to sit there and interview celebs. You are supposed to be on a show called Obufumbo kumeeza. The way you treat Kaiyz makes us hate NBS TV. Kaiyz has worked so hard to get a job like that. Annatalia Ozi Mazzi you should stop that," Posted Alicia Bosschic.

Alicia and One Lord Kayz

However, fans rebuked her in the comments section how she is seeking for cheap popularity by attacking already established celebrities. Others supported Alicia re-echoing her call for Annatalia to respect Kaiyz.

It should be remembered that Alicia Bosschic has been at war with Bad Black. 

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