An Eye Witness Reveals The Truth Behind Bajjo Saturday Attack.

The aftermath of Bajjo’s complaint that Bobi Wine’s brother, Chairman Nyanzi had sent goons to vandalize his car and end his life, with Nyanzi denying the accusations have left many wondering how Bajjo was attacked and by whom.  An eye witness has revealed shocking details that contradict the events promoter.

Bajjo events promoter

The eye witness disclosed that Chairman Nyanzi was inside the Firebase building minding his own business when he heard cries and noises outside. A close scrutiny told him that a group of People power die-hards had surrounded Bajjo in his car, accusing him of being an NRM spy.

The fiery group had started beating the events promoter and his car when Nyanzi intervened, banishing Bajjo from the place as the people had shown he was no longer welcome.

 “Chairman Nyanzi only came to save him. He hadn’t even known who was being assaulted at first by the time he came to the scene. But he told the boys to leave him alone. He told him never to comeback to Firebase since people could kill him and for him he interpreted it as a threat to his life,” said an eye witness.

It should be noted that Bajjo, who claims to be a People power fanatic has been of recent critical on People Power’s actions hence cooking up suspicion from the red camp.

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