Angella And Daddy Andre Were Still In Love But Her Family Forced Her To Denounce Him, Sources Reveal

Latest info landing on our gossip desk has it that Socialite and faded singer Angella Katatumba was forced to stay away from her toy boy and fresh blood Producer and Musician Ojambo Andrew alias Daddy Andre.

Reports from reliable sources indicate that Angella's family wanted to protect their reputation and their daughter hanging out with a man involved in sexual harassment would totally degrade their standards.

Her family ordered her to distance herself from her boyfriend because of the recent sexual assault allegations. They wanted to keep their reputation clean. She had no choice. Angella and Daddy Andre were still together and in love,” a source revealed.

It should be remembered that two days ago, through her social media platforms announced that she broken up with Daddy Andre in January after he refused to take HIV test.


However, media reports have it that the two were still together in February and they released their song 'Tonelabila' on Valentines day ( 14th Feb) therefore they would not have broken up in January.

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