Angella Katatumba Prophesies Doom For Daddy Andre's Music Career.

Musician Angella Katatumba has been possessed by the spirit of prophecy and has predicted doom for fellow musician and producer, Daddy Andre whom she has been dating.

Angella Katatumba and Daddy Andre

Angelo and Daddy Andre have been dating for a few months but recently split up over various issues amongst which were the producers refusal to o for an HIV test which. Angella insisted was essential before the two could perform bedroom acrobatics 

In a recent interview with media houses, Katatumba expressed concern over Daddy Andre's immaturity when it comes to music business. This is due to the fact that he tends to mix emotions with business, something which can endager his music career in the near future.

"Daddy Andre is mixing emotions together with business something which ain’t good. This will affect his career in the long run and he needs to change,” she claimed.

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