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Anita Fabiola Fails To Conceive After Several Attempts, Cries Out For Help As She Yearns For Babies.

Could this be the time for paying back for the sins committed? Socialite Anita Fabiola is currently bothered and in sad state. She has totally failed to conceive despite several attempts and daily routine of nonstop sex.

Fabiola decided to share her current condition with her social media fans. She posted and said

I want to have babies’’ Fabiola posted on twitter.

Her post caused mixed reactions amongst her big following. Some of her fans claim that there could a hidden problem why she is posting such.

It should be remembered that Fabiola recently came out and revealed that she was in a relationship with a US based rich dude.

Anita Fabiola

Fabiola has been on our social scene for a very long time. She has also been involved in different sex scandals.

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