"Ann Kansiime Is Stingy And Clingy",Skylanta.

As time moves on, couples in love tend to notice different behavior about their partners. Ann Kansiime and her toy boy are currently going through the same situation.

After running out of patience, Kabale based upcoming singer Skylanta who doubles as the comedian boyfriend has come out to ask the public for some solutions as he complains that his girlfriend is stingy.

Skylanta took to his Facebook page and  asked his fans to provide some answers. He asked “ What do you do when your in a relationship with a Clingy and stingy person”? he posted on his face book timeline.

His question caused mixed reactions amongst his fans. Many replied with unppleasant answers.

Some suggested that he should learn to live with Ann's weaknesses for the sake of a healthy relationship.

Others predicted that this exactly what Ann Kansiime’s ex was going through.

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