Annatalia Oze Advises Bad Black Over COVID-19 Deal With Ministry Of Health.

NBS Uncut presenter, Annatalia Oze has attacked socialite Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black over her money feud with the Ministry Of Health.

Although the attack was indirect, it was clear that it was hurled at Bad Black due to the recent happenings that have seen Bad Black demanding the Ministry of Health shs. 500 million for a COVID-19 advert urging prostitutes to avoid truck drivers and check on the virus spread. Bad Black however claims she trusted the ministry hence no written agreement for the advert.  MoH claims she did the advert for free. Annatalia, who is planning to run for Member of Parliament come 2021 ridiculed the socialite for being so ignorant as to agree to a commercial deal without any record whatsoever. She then went on to educate her on the importance of the written agreement, stressing it's vitality whenever any of the parties are dissatisfied over the results of the agreement.  "It is very important to have a contract when engaging in any business venture. A contract is an agreement that creates mutual legal obligations to both parties. It can be oral or written. The most effective type of contract is a written contract, it is hard for any of the parties to back down from their obligations when aggrieved, you can actually sue without a problem. It is extremely hard to follow up on what you deserve when it comes to oral contracts since there is no physical evidence for it. However, with a good legal team, a contractor who has done their job evidently can be defended in courts of law to get his or her reward." Oze wrote. "But, before embarking on any duty that requires you to get paid, ensure you have a written contract. The contract protects the interests of both parties involved. Do it and have a copy, you will never regret." she added.

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