Anne Kansiime Pours Scorn On Zahara Totto Dress, Equates It To A Toilet Paper.

NBS UnCut presenter Zahara Totto’s dressing code has attracted the mockery of re known comedian, Anne Kansiime.

Ann Kansiime

Anne Kansiime likened Zahara’s dress to a toilet paper which implies that they are too tight and loose at the same time.

The comedian took a photo of the presenter during her duty hours and shared the photo on her official Facebook account captioning it ‘Tuli kuki?’

Zahara Totto

In the comments section, the comedienne went ahead to mock the presenter’s dress and likened it to a toilet paper.

She dresses like Lazarus… As if she wrapped herself in toilet paper… Looks like a mummy…”  Kansiime humorously ridiculed the presenter.

This sparked off laughter from majority of her fans, some supplementing the joke, replacing toilet paper with ‘foil paper’

Some commentators however urged her to be considerate rather than making fun of the presenter’s dress. The comedian was however quick to point out that Totto has no kind words for any one either.

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