ANOTHER STAR WAS BORN; 9 Years Old Stone Age To Dethrone Fresh Kid.

Twendii caught up with the fast-rising star Stone Age. She is just 9 years old but already doing wonders. She is a rapper and she shared with us her story;

 Clearly you’re just 9 years old, wont music expose you to the worst end of life?

No way. That ain't possible because I am surrounded by a team of young experienced people who are always guiding me on things to do next after carefully thinking and agreeing upon them.

Today, Ugandans know you as one of the finest young rappers, tell us about your background?

My name is KIRABO TYRA well known by my stage name as Stone Age UG. Others prefer calling me the LugaFlow Princess and Hip Hop goddess.  I was born in 2011 at Mulago Hospital. My village is Masaka, Kyotera to be specific. My mum is called Nakanwagi Dora. My dad passed away when Am 6 months. May his soul RIP.

At 9 Years, what inspired you to start rapping? And why did you choose this kind of music genre?

I've been singing and performing on several occasions since my nursery level but serious music career I started it this year 2020 and comes with the release of my platinum single KYEKIMU.

We all know the word Stone Age means something ancient or old. So when I listen to the music of the new generation artists and compare it to that of the old generation, I realize that the old generation artists sounded better and did something that's so real and more original. Therefore I decided to call myself Stone because I want to sound more like those old Artists and my music to have such respect from the public. Well, initially my uncle Senior Sula was the first person to make me pick the interest in rapping. He's a Hip Hop Analyst, Activist, Enthusiast, and Achieve. He used to tell me that when I grow up, he wants me to be a top female Rapper. He could give me LugaFlow songs to listen to and mimic.

Then as I grew up, I fell in love with GNL's music. He's a genius and his style is the best. Later, people liked St NellySade, St Maxi Mayne, Lyrical G, Jim Nola, Feffe Bussi, Lady Slyke, and Keko joined my list.

So basically am in this genre because there are very few female Rappers in Uganda and I wanna represent them as early as possible.

 Do you even study? What schools?

 Yes, I Am in P.6 at Kansanga Primary School.

Are you still under the care of your parents, who do you live with?  I stay with my beloved mum at Kansanga. My dad died when I was just 6 months.

 When you start rapping, we never want you to stop, who taught you how to connect the words?

 I think I Am just naturally talented. I just find it easier to flow. And of course, it comes with continuous rehearsals. Secondly, I am a Poet and love reading poetry. So a combination of all these simplifies my wordplay and delivery.

You’re a big star already at a young age, who makes your daily decisions?

98% of my music career decisions are made by an uncle, you all well know as Senior Sula.

Fresh Kid says you copied her style of music, is that true?

 Hahaha if you know Hip Hop well, listen to his style and mine. We totally sound different. I do pure LugaFlow/Hip Hop related to that of people like GNL, NellySade, Babaluku, Lyrical G, Maxi Mayne, Mulekwa, etc. And on the other hand, Fresh Kid does Rapping on Afro-Dance/Ragga Beats. His style is related more to that of the Fik Fameica, Gravity, John Blaq, etc. That's where the difference comes in.

 In the male-dominated music industry, how prepared are you to thrive?

Well many factors determine one's success and Luck is among them. I am lucky and blessed. The public loves my music and style. They respect my hustle. As long as I still have my hardworking team, my kind friends, and good samaritans willing to push me, I Am destined for greatness.

 So far, have you found any challenges in rapping? What are they?

 The primary challenge I've found in my Rap career and I think its affecting other Rappers too is that we don't have enough professional Hip Hop Producers. The few we have are expensive Secondly since I am still underage, I can't go for late-night shows and Interviews. The rest of the challenges can be overcome.

 Lets talk about your songs so far, Kyekimu is doing wonders on TV and Radio, who wrote it for you?

 KYEKIMU came up in an amazing way. I was just having a one on one conversation with Maxi Mayne, (the Best  New LugaFlow Artist in Uganda 2020). And after our conversation, the following day he came up with lyrics. He's so talented. KYEKIMU was a combination of my story and Maxi Mayne's geniuses.

 Rumor has it, you're about to release a 15 songs album. That will be massive. Detail us more about this?

 Yes, My debut Album was planned sometime back. Its gonna be called "THE RISE OF STONE AGE." Its gonna be a solo Album. So don't expect to get any collabos on THAT on it unless otherwise. It will have 15 tracks. Some of those songs were finished recording, others were finished writing but recording is still pending due to Corona pandemic. I have worked with a combination of producers and Record Labels on this Album. KYEKIMU is the first song off that Album. Other songs you'll find include Nkikubye, Suicide, Omuwedule, Dream On, Suula Akatambala, Pray, etc all presented to you by STONE AGE ENTERTAINMENT

Stone Age facebook page;

Most rappers have been seriously hit by the corona pandemic financially, what do you learn from these experiences?

 The lesson I've learned in this is that we should not only rely on music as our only source of income. We should invest in other opportunities too like farming.

 Rappers come and go, will you handle the pressure.

I've been trained not to work under pressure and now am comfortable with my pace. I am not in competition with anyone. I take my time that's why my music sounds so unique, professional, and International. Others will release music every month. I will release a song once in a while but it will have an impact and will be worth listening to by everyone.

Fair enough, tell us your last remarks.

 I kindly request everyone to support my hustle as the Young Best Female Hip Hop Star. DJs, TV and Radio Presenters please kindly give me airplay.  Follow me on my social media platforms.

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