"Apologize Or Die Suffering",  Sheikh Umar To Singer Grace Khan.

Re known traditional herbalist and staunch Muslim, Sheikh Umar has advised struggling singer, Grace Khan to apologise or die suffering.

The traditionalist accused Grace Khan of causing him some troubles which arose from her accusations of fraud and extortion of money dubious means.

Although Sheikh Umar faced some drawbacks due to her accusations, he is doing just fine except hat he owes the singer, who is struggling both in music and lifestyle an apology.

Famously known for fishing out dimes on social events, Umar boasted of having been the one responsible for the singer's bitter split with her then, lover, Kojja Kitonsa.

The Nansana based herbalist also recommended that Grace Khan must get two kilograms of rice and a kilo of meat and prepare a meal for his patients at Nansana as a way of reconciling with him so as to cleanse her from the curse.

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