Ashburg Kato Brought Me Trouble With Bebe Cool - Salvado.

Patrick Salvado

Comedian Salvado, who has been known to be at logger heads with musician Bebe Cool has blamed the rift on new NRM convert, Ashburg Kato.

While commenting on his relationship with the blogger with whom the comedian has also been feuding with over a nasty comment he made on facebook, Salvado revealed that Ashburg created a video that destroyed his relationship with Bebe cool.

'He is the one who caused me trouble with Bebe Cool when he doctored a video showing how I was very happy when Bebe Cool was pelted with bottles at Lugogo Cricket Oval.' Patrick Salvado said.

On being with friends with Ashburg, Salvado clarified that they are not friends but work together on business.

'We have not been friends because I can’t call him to come over and we meet but when I have a show I can use him when we agree on a certain fee and we work.' the comedian relayed.

The funny comedian went on to add that Ashburg is still a young boy and all he can do is to advise him since he has not seen enough troubles and suffering in life.

Salvado further maintained that he will vote Museveni come 2021. He nevertheless hailed Bobi Wine for giving youths hope and changing Uganda's political stage.

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