AT 25, Canary Mugume Putting Up A Multi Million Mega Home In Buziga.

Just as they say that luck favors the brave, journalist and NBS TV star Canary Mugume is on cloud 9. He is making a killing from the current blossom in his journalism career.

Exclusive information we have landed on is that the hunky TV presenter is currently putting up a structure meant to be his home as he grows up.

A reliable source tells us that Canary, with the help of his girlfriend Sasha Ferguson is building a multi million house in Buziga, a Kampala suburb.

This has not only shocked his close friends but raised eyebrows of Ugandans wondering where he is getting all the money from.

It has been further understood that Canary’s house is adjacent to the late Aronda Nyakairima’s former residence. At the age of only 25 years, Canary is doing much with his life.

Today, the TV star lives in the luxurious Speke A apartments along Wampewo Avenue.

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