AUDIO; Faith Ntaborwa Reveals That She Slept With MC Kats Countless Times.

Slayer and daughter to a Pastor has released more proof that she slept with self styled television Presenter and MC, Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats, she speaks out in an audio . Faith revealed that she has spent countless nights with Singer Fille's hubby giving reasons of belief that Kats is not HIV positive.

" How many times have you slept with me?, she asked Kats, "Countless times ", Kats replied.

She told the public that Kats smokes alot and that's why he coughs alot which makes him think that he is sick yet he is not.

" People think that you are sick but we both know that your ate not, its just that you take alot of cigarettes, " she told Kats.

Faith Ntaborwa

This whole Faith and Kats saga started when she leaked an after sec video of herself and MC Kats.

However, she later claimed that she had lost her phone and the people who stole it leaked the video.

MC Kats rather revealed that he does not remember having slept with Faith therefore he is planning to sue for trying to spoil his name.


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