• Khinamura

Azawi Not Happy With Ugandan Music Labels Over Un Proffesionalism. 

Priscilla Zawedde, a fast rising musician going by the stage name Azawi has expressed disappointment with Ugandan music labels, accusing them of un-professionalism.

While dissecting the topic of music in Uganda, Azawi was confident that the music industry could do better if it had more than twenty music labels, with structures and professionals.

Azawi went on to commend Swangz Avenue for being one ifbtg few music labels that match the expected international professionalism level.

"I think we still lack professional music labels. As you can see, we only have Swangz Avenue which is outstanding but we should have like 20 or 50 labels at the same level like Swangz Avenue.This will help the industry grow," she said on a local television.

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