Babirye Begs Ex-Boyfriend For Money, She Is Currently Starving.

Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye is back in Uganda after fleeing her marital home for over a year. However, her controversies seem to follow her everywhere she goes.

The latest news we have landed on reveals that the singer has finally gone on her knees and begged her alleged Ex-boyfriend known as Mukiisa to sell the house in Naalya they bought together and split the money.

Sadly according to our source, Mukiisa who is a real estate dealer hasn’t been responding to her phone calls since last week.

A source tells us that shortly after landing in to the country secretly, she was driven to Mukono where she is staying with one of her close relatives as she ponders how to fix herself back.

A source also confirms to us that Babirye is financially unstable after her stay in America was prolonged hence more unexpected expenses.

Her marriage with fellow lawmaker Paul Musoke Sebulime was annulled by the court.

Judith and Sebulime

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