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Bad Black Advises Ugandan Girls On Dating Rich Men.

Bad Black has come out to unleash one of her intellectual lectures to Ugandan girls following the unfortunate story of Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula who claim to have suffered abuse in the hands of faded socialite, Bryan White.

Bad Black

The socialite pointed out that nothing lasts forever and that if Ugandan girls get a chance to a date a loaded man, they should not ask for Iphones, wine, Brazilian hair or go for vigorous clubbing as they will regret this later on. Bad Black gave herself as an example, having had over 2billions Uganda Shillings in her bank account but things became ugly, forcing her to become broke. She attacked Vivian and her colleagues for not utilizing the time when they were still working with Bryan White in his hey days and now are regretting since he has run broke. 'Vivian and her colleagues were having fun not thinking what will come if things turn around.' Bad Black lectured. 'They are just not used to sleeping hungry. Let them be given posho and beans, they will be okay.'

Vivian Mutanda

'...how can you sign for others to earn when you don't get paid?' the socialite blasted Vivian Mutanda and other victims. 'That's being with an empty brain' Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula have recently dragged Bryan White to the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights. Vivian demanded that Bryan white should compensate her a whooping 78  million shillings for all the time she had been working with him, about two years.

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