Bad Black And Sheilah Gashumba Lock Horns Over God's Plan.

War has erupted between former 'tighties' Sheilah Gashumba and Shanitah Namuyimba (Bad Black) after the latter called Sheila Gashumba's man, broke and a beggar.

The war, which is currently ravaging the streets of Snapchat allegedly started when Bad. Black accused Sheilah Gashumba of living a life full of hypocrisy and pretending to have money just to impress her followers.

However, Sheila was further provoked after the 'Masolo queen' labelled her man, God's Plan 'broke.' Sheilah reacted by warning Bad Black to dare call her man broke one more time, she will see what she can do.

"Call him BROKE one more time! We shall know who has money and who doesn’t, who is fake and who isn’t fake, who is real and who isn’t real! One more time! And let me know when you’re done!" she said.

Bad Black however remained unshaken and continued to criticize the lil stunner. Ought to be noted is that the two were once tight friends for a good period of time, Bad Black however insists she un followed Sheila as she didn't match her standards.

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