Bad Black Applauds Bryan White For Lasting Eight Rounds A Day With His Staff.

The Bryan White saga continues to attract extreme attention as several twists and revelations emerge. The faded socialite is accused of sexually assaulting an undisclosed number of girls after which he forces them to exterminate the pregnancies.

Stella Nandawula was the first among the herd to come out claiming she had been raped and forced to abort multiple times. She however withdrew these claims. Another one, identified as Vivian Mutanda came out accusing the socialite of similar crimes. She claimed she had been forced to abort thrice.

However some people have questioned the identity of Vivian Mutanda who, according to sources is a well known sex worker. They claim her real name is Ramlah Namutebi, who was born sometime in 1999 and was a student at Bukandula College in Gomba district. In changing her name, she intended to hide her real identity so as to freely get money from Bryan in exchange for sexual exploits.

The saga attracted the attention of celebrities with some like Shanita Namuyimba, well known as Bad black choosing to side with the struggling Bryan. She went ahead to praise his sexual abilities.

“These girls would force me to do different things. One day, they chained me on the bed. Like I almost started to dread the nights. They each wanted four rounds every night, “ lamented a visibly disgruntled Bryan White during an interview with Spark TV’s Live wire show on Friday.

“If it were not for those girls, I would have put on some weight but those girls never allowed me to rest. This one leaves, another one comes. I was always ‘dancing’ and like you all know how those things are exhausting, it was like I was gyming 24/7. Thank God they have left. May be I will gain some weight.” White added.

Drawing from these revelations, Bad Black worshiped him as a real man. “Eight rounds daily!!'' she burst '' Bryan White, you are a man and a half yet (some people) can’t finish one ka round. Long live Bulayani wange,” wrote an awe struck Bad Black.

She bursted Mutanda for her rape allegations as pictures from her leaked videos with Bryan White depict her as happy and enjoying every moment.

Bad Black wondered if forced sex paints smiles on the victim's face.

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