Bad Black Fires Expletives And Attacks NBS Uncut Show.

Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad black has attacked NBS Uncut Show for lacking news and constantly attacking her. While reacting to the recent interview on the show where Alicia Bosschic called Bad Black a prostitute, the socialite crucified NBS Uncut show presenters on the cross of her fury. "Uncut show is not so relevant anymore because they don't happen to have news these days, they always find a way to attack me for attention," Bad Black spit fire. She attacked Kayz of NBS claiming that he has slept with Akicia Bosschic and that’s why he questioned her a lot. 


"Kayz is a just a poor boy but I think Alicia served him with her sumbie that's why he was asking all those ridiculous questions about me," said Bad Black. "Know where you come from because one day you will get fired from Tv and you have nowhere to go," Bad Black warned Uncut.

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