Bad Black In Guerrilla Warfare With Ministry Of Health Over COVID-19 Advert.

Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black is currently locking horns with Uganda’s Ministry of health over an unpaid COVID-19 advert, demanding close to 500 Million Uganda shillings in damages.


The socialite was allegedly approached by a government official who persuaded her to make a video advert in which she implores prostitutes and women not to approach truck drivers for fear of contracting the Corona Virus.

An agreement was reached in which the said gentleman promised to take her to meet the president of Uganda, President Museveni.

Watch Advert Below;

However, to date, her demand had not been fulfilled despite no written record of the agreement. This has left Shanitah displeased.

Through Musangala Advocates and Solutions, Bad Black has threatened to file a civil suit against the government for failure to reward her for her services and contribution to halt prostitutes from approaching truck drivers, something that would have spread the coronavirus as fast as lightning.

She, through her lawyers, demanded to be compensated a sum of five hundred million Uganda shillings for the advert she the government has been using without even paying her. She also demanded another fifty million Uganda shillings as damages for the mental trauma she underwent in the procurement of e said advert,

She has given the government an ultimatum of two weeks to fulfil her demands, failure of which she would go ahead and file the civil suit.

Ministry Responds;

In a an open letter, the Ministry Of Health has clarified on Bad Black’s issue saying that Bad Black procured the said video advert voluntarily and free of charge. The Ministry alleges that following the president’s appeal to the public to provide free services to prevent COVID-19, precision media consultants approached Bad Black to record the video.

It further alleges that there were other media personalities who were urged to procure similar adverts. The ministry appealed to the public to ignore false information against the government.

Bad Black Hits Back At Ministry;

Following the government's response to her demands, Bad Black has fired back and challenged the Ministry to produce any documentary or any evidence in any form to the effect that she did the controversial advert free of charge.

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