• Khinamura

Bad Black Releases Pornographic Content, Risks Father Lokodo's Fury.

Shanita Namuyimba commonly known as Bad Black recently released pictures of herself with her toy boy only identified as Asher on her Snapchat seemingly attracted the fury of the dreaded Father Lokodo, the Minister Of Ethics And Integrity.

Bad Black, who has in the past few years been known as a harlot posted the intriguing pictures on snapchat to show her fans her daily quarantine snack.  In the pictures, the toyboy is seen giving Bad Black the moment of her life. How ever, Twendii has learnt that the institution of the Anti pornography committee by Father Lokodo which is responsible for the elimination of pornography hasalready noticed the pictures and the socialite risks jail.

Over the past years, Martha Kay, Judith Heard, Desire Luzinda and many others have been subjected to the claws of the committee, their nudes having been leaked.


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