Bad Black Ventures Into Music,  Signs Two Artistes.

Shanitah Namuyimba (Bad Black) has suddenly developed an obsession with the music industry and has not hesitated to jump into music production and promotion. Reports confirm that she has signed two artistes already.

Bad Black made these revelations while appearing in an exclusive interview with a local media house. She revealed how she was reluctant to sign indisciplined artistes, which are mostly found in Uganda. "Most of them are indiscipline and signing them would just be like creating more problems,’’ she said.

Shanitah further revealed that the artistes that she has signed, Ivan Data and Chord One are fresh from England and therefore disciplined as compared to other musicians. Her aim, she said is to tap into these young artistes' talents and make them a big brand but not to make money from them.

The two upcoming artistes confirmed this development and vowed to work hand in hand with Bad Black to further enhance their talents.

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