BEAUTY AND THE BEAST; Zahara Totto Breaks Up With "Big Daddy" Calls Him An 'Anus'. 

Zahara Totto leaves boyfriend Do solo.

Famed gossip queen, Zahara Totto has announced her unfortunate break up with her lover, Don Solo in a vulgar missive aired on her social media platforms.

The NBS TV lugambo host has been dating a one,Don Solo, who is well known to have a 'funny face' which highly contrasts with her innocent face for over a period of a year.

Totto took to her socials and announced how all ladies that have been dying to hook the loaded fat man to do whatever they want since she has left what she termed as an "...anus."

"Y'all Whores who have been sleeping with my boyfriend can now have him officially. I have left that anus." she lashed.

She further revealed how Don Solo is not a businessman as known but rather, a perfect definition of a hardcore fraudster. She accused him of being un settled, hitting at every yummy looking girl that comes his way.

She however hinted how she will be re uniting with her on and off boyfriend, Reuben Robert. She said that Robert is the complete opposite of Don Solo.

"He is respectful, caring, passionate and rich. He is not like that anus and fraudster." she said.

It should be noted that Don Solo's looks scared a number of social media in laws who were wondering how beautiful Zahara Totto came to love the 'big daddy. She however defended him saying that he is very rich and even gifted her a car on one of her birthdays.

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