Bebe Cool Excited Over Trump’s ‘SILENT MAJORITY’ Tweet.

Following the recent murder of an African American man, George Floyd by a police officer that sparked off riots in the United States President Donald J Trump has condemned the riots calling the protesters ‘looters’ and ‘thugs.’ Trump further went ahead to tweet ‘Silent Majority’ on his twitter account. The stamen ‘silent majority’ was popularized by President Nixon in a televised address in 1969 and was used to refer to the Americans who did not join in the demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Trump therefore was meaning those Americans who weren’t rioting over the dearth of a ‘black man.’ However, the tweet sent shivers of excitement drumming through Ugandan musician, Bebe Cool who had coined the phrase ‘Silent Majority’ a few years back to mean Ugandans who support President Museveni and to counter Bobi Wine’s People Power. “Finally the president of the United States of America subscribes to visionary. “SILENT MAJORITY.” Bebe Cool posted on his official Facebook page. However, social media commentators blasted the musician pointing out the origin of ‘Silent Majority’ and why Trump used it. “Silent majority was assessed as one of the most famous speeches made by the President Richard Nixon in 1969. Actually for your info, the historian Rick Perlstein described the silent majority term not in terms of demographics but emotion: “a feeling of dispossession,” commented a one Mwana Wa Kintu. Despite the growing unpopularity of President Museveni, Bebe Cool has remained an ardent supporter of the President.

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