Bebe Cool Finally Promotes His Son Allan Hendrik.

After many appeals from fellow musicians like King Saha, Khalifa Aganaga to Bebe cool to promote his own son, he has finally given a hand to his son Allan Hendrick by promoting his music.

The Singer took to his social media platforms and shared a link to Allan Hendrick's new song known as 'Good to me'

He also promised fans that there is alot more coming from Allan this year the fact that he has got enough experience from Gagamel for all the time he has been there.

"In Gagamel we believe in full baked products and in life it always key to go up one step by one but making sure you do not step back not even once.Edith Kay,Allan Hendrick aka Papper Daddy and Styles are some of the long serving artists in this camp and I must say God has BEEN GOOD TO THEM coz they have acquired alot ofof experience and knowledge to be able to handle the music industry and its package now.2020 is a year in which alot is to happen musically but i can assure you that there is alot to expect from Gagamel. The start is good from these young lads with this new gospel single GOOD TO ME, " Bebe Cool posted.

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