Bebe Cool Smokes Weed, King Saga.

Musician King Saha has fired back at Bebe Cool saying that he is the one who uses drugs instead.

Speaking to Journalists yestetday, the Biri Biri singer had no kind words for the Gagamel boss, he told people to go and sniff in his hands and prove that he actually uses drugs.

"Bebe Cool smokes weed, he is never sober whenever he is being interviewed, go sniff in his hands and prove what am saying, " he said.

Saha also told Bebe Cool not to attack big musicians like Jose Chameleon because they are not on the same level.

"Bebe Cool needs to re think before attacking artists like Chameleon, he has not even passed my level, he is not even Big size like he claims, " Saha added.

It should be noted that this beef between Bebe Cool and King Saha started early this year when Bebe Cool released his list where he pointed out that King Saha never worked well musically because he was using drugs thus warned him.

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