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Big Eye Copies Bad Black As He Threatens To Sue NRM.

Musician Big Eye has taken a leaf from Bad Black as he has threatened to sue his party NRM should it fail to pay him 270 Millions.

Bad Black, who has been in the news for threatening to sue government over an unpaid COVID -19 advert should it fail to pay her 500 millions.

Struggling musician, who is being assailed by debts, Big Eye has also given notice to NRM to pay him 270 millions for his services in the 2011 NRM campaigns where he performed for the party to get votes.

Big Eye, through his lawyer says his 'sweat' in performing as an artiste is one of the reasons 'Taata Natasha' was voted into power.

"“It suffices to mention that our client ought to have been fairly and reasonably remunerated not only on contractual basis but also on grounds of intellectual property law,” the notice to sue seen by this website reads in part.

“Bearing in mind that one of the ideologies of NRM is Economic Liberalism and the NRM has continuously been seen to respect individual and private rights, we hereby demand that you pay our client a sum of Shs 270million being the full settlement of the claims he has against you jointly or severally,” it further reads.

Big Eye has issued an ultimatum of a fortnight for his wishes to be fulfilled.

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