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Big Eye Hailed As Being Better Than Wizkid And Davido In Music.

Musician Ibrahim Mayanja well known as Big Eye Starboss is currently living like a king after social media fans sprayed praise on his music potential, going as far as hinting tht he is better than Nigerian song stars, Davido and Wizkid combined.

Soon after abandoning the ruling National Resistance Movement party, Big Eye hurled accusations at the party's chairman, Museveni for failing to pay him in the past elections (2016) that saw Museveni retaining the Presidential seat. He went ahead and joined Bobi Wine's National Unity Platform where he amassed alot of popularity with many fans praising him for his 'wise move' of joining People Power movement. As a consequence,, his music has been highly praised as being far better than any other artiste that ever lived. The Musician, who surprisingly has never scooped any international award, international collaboration or anything that is characteristic of a music legend succumbed to the social media praise and even released a new song, "Ndi Wakabi" something that he has not been doing for a long time. "This song must win Grammy and BET. If it doesn't we shall take Kenzo's BET award and give it to you." a on, Segwanyi Ronnie posted while praising Big Eye's new hit.

Fans were even further enthralled and described Big Eye's music as "exceptional" and the musician himself encouraged fans to fundraise for him as his debts are far from over.

Should Big Eye remain transfixed by this social media popularity or disregard it ?

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