Big Trill Is A Decent Human Being, GNL Defends Big Trill From Critics.

Legendary Rapper GNL Zamba is bitter with fans and critics who might have been offended by Big Trill's recent post.

This comes after the Big Trill made a post on his twitter saying that he always takes his time to release music because hes a perfectionist and allergic to mediocre sound, this seemed braggant to many thus criticisms allover social media to Bigtrill.

"Some people who be on this App telling me to be humble are the kind that have never even paid to stream or download a BigTril song ..they get my music on howibeez for free and they be making noise..The real supporters know me from way back and have always supported me.Lol you tell Ugandans to Buy Music and they hurl Insults at you Now y’all can see how broken our music industry is ... Artist have hits and stay broke coz y’all won’t buy music and then when they start doing drugs and lose everything y’all come here and make Noise, Zamba posted.

However legendary rapper zamba came to his defense.the rapper said.

"To be Hiphop is to unpologeticaly express ones self. Most of y’all are faking the humility anyway! so you are intimidated when you see ppl being themselves. Rap is an art of expression, I can be respectful but won’t dim my shine so you can feel better abt your insecurities Where is this coming from? I have been reading the thread of “fans” attacking a hardworking artist claiming they made him. I know the artist have worked with him and know he is a decent human being too decent in-fact compared to the riff ruff out there. That this society has bred.The Ugandan fan wants to get free music, free ticket, free tshirt and on top of that expect the artist to kneel at thank them at the concert 🤦🏾‍♂️ that era & generation of artists that did that ends here. They do that to feed egos but inadvertently have also perpetuated a disease .."

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