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Bobi Wine Breaks Silence on Ashburg Katto’s Defection.

H.E Bobi Wine, real names Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has broken the silence over the recent defection of one of his former People Power loyalists, Ashburg Katto’s crossing to Museveni’s NRM.

The blogger was bought off by President Museveni who gave him five cows from his farm in Rwakitura. The blogger then ditched People Power accusing its principal, Bobi Wine of being too stingy.

In an audio clip, the Kyadondo East legislator ridiculed those who make themselves available for sale some being bough either expensively or cheaply.

"Those who make themselves available for sale, they will be bought. Some are bought expensively while others are bought cheaply," Bobi Wine said.

"It is like slave trade where negotiation is for human beings except for this case,  not only bodies but also souls are bought," Bobi Wine was quoted on his Facebook page.

The People power principal went ahead to cheer his supporters stressing that not all is lost. He said that only those loyal to the cause will share the fruits adding that the pressure group must not be shaken by such defections.

"There will be sell outs and betrayals when people start speaking a different language and this is expected," Bobi Wine ranted on.

Following Ashburg Katto’s defection o NRM from where he claims he was given a Toyota Tundra and Lenovo laptops, rounds on social media have been circulating that there is still a number of NRM moles in the red camp.

However, the ‘tuliyambala engule’ hit maker admonished his red adherents to refrain from demoralising their fellow comrades.

"I have noted with great concern comrades who go on attacking each other promoting suspicion and division in our group. They have deliberately trued to demoralise our colleagues. They will attack everyone around the leader (Bobi Wine) except the leader so that he sees everyone around with suspicion," Bobi Wine said.

However, Ashburg Katto remains unmoved, having read Bobi Wine’s heart touching messages but maintained his ground. He however expressed confidence that the old man with a hat will win the 2021 elections.

"That message from Hon. Kyagulanyi is so touching. I almost shed a tear as usual. Ebya social media bikoma ku Facebook mpozi ne mu gallery zaffe," Ashburg responded through his Facebook page.

"In 2021.’ Further prophesied the new NRM convert ‘…reality is going to knock and you will see how both the silent and noisy Majorities shall be hiding in the basins ticking /voting Gen. Y.K Museveni like no other candidates on the ballot."

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