Bobi Wine Did It Again, What You Missed From His Freedom Show.

Legendary musician and politician, Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has again done it when he staged an incredibly successful online concert on Sunday. The Freedom Show, unlike his first online concert which was staged at his home in Magerre, took place at his One Love Beach In Busabala.

Bobi Wine was assisted by Nubian Li and a few other artistes. The show kicked off from a boat but later, they hit the ground.

The boat, it was speculated was a Plan B in case Police launched an offensive on the show. Police, it should be recalled had warned against house parties and vowed to crack the whip on anyone who abused the Presidential directives on COVID -19 like social distancing and putting on a a mask.

During the show, Bobi Wine's music praised fallen generals in the struggle most of them who perished in Police hands during the Arua incident and various People Power offensives. He also remembered fallen music generals such as Paul Kafeero whose family is fighting for his wealth, and legendary Good lyf vocalist, Mozey Radio.

The show amassed over 250 ,000 views and was sponsored by German firm, Friedrich Nauman Foundation.

"What shall I ever render to you dear friends? Thank you for “turning up” in huge numbers for our #FreedomShow this afternoon. My appreciation goes to the team of talented producers, fellow artists and @FriedrichNaumannFoundation. Iyalama noi, Mwebare munonga, Nolulala mukolanga bwemutyo.” He took to social media to blabber his appreciation. He also said the show had more than 270,000 views.

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