Bobi Wine Ignores Bebe Cool's Apology. 

The Bebe-Bobi row is far from over as the two musicians continue to be on unfriendly terms. Bebe Cool insists Bobi Wine must first apologize to him so that he can work with him once again.

According to Bebe Cool, the Kyadondo East legislator insulted him, his wife Zuena and his father, Bidandi Ssali and so it is nearly impossible for them to work together.

However, Bobi Wine ok the other hand said he is more than ready to work with Bebe Cool when he throws 'Taata Natasha"out of state house.

"If I become President, I will make sure that all entertainers get equal treatment. What Eddy Kenzo gets will be the same as what Nubian Li and Bebe Cool get. Every artiste will be special" he promised during an appearance on NBS TV.

Bebe Cool admitted that although he has been at war with the "Kyarenga" hit star for the past twenty years, the conflict has not risen to become worse or dangerous.

"He is an artiste and a politician and I am just an artiste. We have always been rivals for the past 20 years. When he joined opposition politics he made it worse. I am pro government and he is opposition. Our competition has always been stiff but I am glad that it has never gone to the worst. Today as we speak, we are old men”, Big Size said.

Bebe Cool has however remained silent on Bobi's offer to work with him once NUP takes over Uganda government.

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