Bobi Wine Offers To Airlift Africans Suffering In China.

Musician and People Power Strong man Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine together with Neil Nelson, the founder and CEO of Atlanta black star. com have united to rally support for Africans being mistreated in Guangzhou China.

"My friend Neil Nelson, (Founder & CEO of and I are uniting to rally support for Africans being treated inhumanely in the Guangzhou area of China," he wrote.

This was after African students and expatriates in China were reportedly being evicted from their homes and mistreated over fears they could spread the novel coronavirus.

Bobi Wine and Mr Nelson in their joint statement asked the Chinese government to ensure the attacks on Africans end.

In the same statement, Bobi Wine revealed that they have offered to airlift Africans in any willing country.

"We have appealed to the Government of China to urgently intervene and put an end to these violations.

Away from that, we have issued this statement and are presently looking to African countries as well as the United States of America to accept and receive the Africans and African-Americans who are being ejected from residences, forced to sleep on streets, denied medical care and mistreated.

We are offering to airlift them to safety in any willing country. Let's continue to raise awareness and to appeal to home countries to accept and receive these individuals who are being treated with extreme indignity, " he revealed.

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