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Bobi Wine Reveals How The 'Truth' Made Kayihura, Muhoozi And Museveni Hate Him.

Having recently held two online concerts  in just a space of three months, musician cum politician, H.E Bobi Wine's songs have been on the spotlight.

His recent online Freedom show where he sang Specioza,  Bobi Wine revealed how he has lost many friends after he spoke the 'truth' about the regime.

He said that aside from Full Figure, who was his close friend, there are many others who deserted him for little money. 

"My colleagues deserted me,  they hate me ever since i started speaking the truth. The likes of Full  Figure who was a close friend and many others. I want to speak about them,  but i want to maintain the friendship because i still love them and I know, they love me too,"  the People Power principal said.

He also revealed how President Museveni, First Son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba and former Inspector General Of Police, General Kale Kayihura were his friends.

"By the way, it is not only in the music industry where many people sidelined me. Muhoozi was my Friend, Kayihura was my Friend, Rukutana was my Friend, and even Museveni was my Friend. But they hate me now for speaking the truth," he lamented.

On several occasions, before Bobi Wine launched into politics, he was seen in the company of the first son. 

He also boasted of being a close associate of Kale Kayihura who at one time appointed him as security envoy to the Ghetto. 

Bobi Wine's Freedom show at his beach in Busabala was a huge success, having amassed over 270, 000 online views.

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