BREAKING; Dorothy Shonga Arrested Over Fraud. 

Malawian based Ugandan socialite, Dorothy Shonga alias Cash Madam has turned herself in to Malawian Police where she had been wanted on allegations of money laundering.

Dorothy Shonga has been on the run since 24th July this year after it was revealed that she had connived with former Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) CEO, Dr. Collins Magalasi and the procurement officer, Maulidi to carry out a money heist of over 107 million Kwacha ( over 500 million Uganda shillings.)

It is reported that Dorthy and the said Magalasi opened up D&C Brand Cloud, an advertising company which was used in the alleged heist.

It is also reported that in August 2019, MERA awarded 107 million Kwacha which is 530 million Uganda shillings in an illegal manner to the said company, D&C Brand Cloud.

Dorothy has been on the run since the truth surfaced. She however turned herself in to the Police claiming she was tired of 'living in the bush'

She and her 'husband' Herbert Shonga allegedly divorced after she accused him of constantly cheating on her for the fifteen years they were together.

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