Brian White Should Be Arrested Because Of Obstruction, Balaam.

Events promoter Balaam Barugahare has called for the arrest of tycoon Brian Kirumira alias Brian White for obstruction of Justice.

This was after the faded tycoon pledged to help Chameleone, his long time friend as URA officials was still compiling reports to verify Chameleone's paid or un paid taxes for his car.

In a video posted on his social media platforms, Balaam said that Bryan White should be arrested because of obstruction.

"He should be arrested because he did obstruction, " he said.

However, this site has learnt that faded socialite Brian White has paid over Ugx 120 Million to clear all the taxes of Chameleon's new car.

It was also alleged that Balaam had set a trap for Chameleons car to be towed by URA officials.

Balham of Balaam events has also come out and trashed all the rumors and he said he has nothing to do with Mayor to be Kampala and faded City socialite instead give in a hand of help.

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