Broke Stella Nyanzi Begs Supporters To Fund Her Campaigns.

Kampala woman member of Parliament aspirant and activist, Stella Nyanzi has launched a fundraising drive that will see her supporters funding her 2021 campaign.

Contesting for the privileged position on an FDC card, the outspoken sexologist said that money is needed for almost everything including interaction with voters, engaging in media campaigns need money.

"Canvassing a constituency to engage with voters takes money. Participating in public media to present one’s ideas, vision and plans takes money. Effective fulfilment of electoral processes takes money. Production and distribution of campaign materials in Kampala city takes a lot of money,” Stella Nyanzi said on Monday while launching the fundraiser.

Her budget, she confirmed is over 1.2 billions which she said can not raise single handedly.

"My budget for campaigning for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament elections is 1,258,700,000 Uganda Shillings. Let’s talk about fundraising,” she added.

Many are still left wondering if she would be able to get such a big amount since many Ugandans are broke due to the impact of the lockdown.

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