Bryan White Bed Ridden, Blames Balaam.

Bryan White Bed Ridden, Blames Balaam.

Fading socialite, Brian Kirumira alias Brian White is currently bed ridden at Nakasero Hospital.

The money bags is said to be battling stomach complications. Samples have been deducted from him and flown to South Africa for referral analysis.

The Bryan White Foundation boss has appealed to President Museveni to lend a hand and help him in his piteous state.

However, he said that the President must not send any financial help through his aide, Balaam Barugahara who the socialite accuses of putting him in the sad state.

Balaam, who has on several occasions reached out to struggling celebrities like Bad Black, King Michael and Ashburg Katto in the name of President Museveni has been black listed by the 'sex pest' who has warned him not to step into Nakasero hospital in the name of giving Jim help.

Bryan White was recently summoned by Parliament to answer accusations of rape, torture and human rights violations of his former employees. He however declined to appear, fronting his lawyer instead.

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