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Bryan White Releases Receipts On How He Paid His Rape Accusers, Feared Fake.

Faded socialite, Bryan White has come out to reveal that he has been paying his former secretaries, Vivian Mutanda and Stsllah Nandawula who accuse him of torture, sexual harassment and domestic violence.

The money bag has released receipts which indicate that he has been paying the secretaries to cover a number of expenses such as Airtime and  Clothes. 

Bryan White

The receipts also indicate that he has been paying the secretaries millions in allowances.

However, the viability of the receipts has been criticized as fake due to the following;

a) The receipts  dated in 2018 but look brand new.

b) The handwriting on all receipts is identical.

c) The pen ink remains unchanged on all receipts vouchers 

d) The signatures are apparently signed by the same person although drawn in a different style.

e) Some receipts are not signed by the supposed recipients. (Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula.).

f) The receipts donbt indicate any tax whatsoever such as PAYE.

The receipts are an eyebrow raiser and social media commentators are wondering why the receipts are all dubious.


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