Bryan White Runs Back To Balaam As His 'Faked' Sickness Disappears.

Socialite Brian Kirumira has been off the social scene and news for over two months now. The last he was heard of, he was terribly sick and waiting for his medical results from abroad. However, the whole sickness story was a stunt, sources reveal.

It has surfaced that Bryan Kirumira thought it wise to fake sickness so as to avoid appearing before the Parliamentary committee on human rights where his former workers pinned him on allegations of rape and torture.

This revelation was spilled by Bad Black, who had ventured to visit the 'patient.' Bryan White has since vanished into hiding where he reportedly has been living peasant like.

He could however take no more and reports confirm how he has apologized to Balaam who he has earlier accused of poisoning him.

"Balaam always plays the right cards. He is now at peace with Bryan White and soon the two will address the press on the matter," sources say.

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