Bryan White’s Woes Worsen As Another Teenage Girl Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment.

Forget Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula. Another teenage girl has come out to pin faded socialite Bryan White on allegations rape and sexual harassment.

Bryan White

Yesterday, Leticia Nabulime came out claiming that she had been sexually abused and consequently impregnated by Bryan White. She revealed that she had already given birth.

The girl claims that she had come into the employ of the faded socialite in his hey days while running the Bryan White foundation on the recommendation of her mother.

She alleges that one day, there was a house party where most jutilated, had drinks and became dead drunk. She insists that she was drinking coca cola soda all through the party’s processions but was surprised to wake up, having lost consciousness the following day. The socialite had allegedly had sex with her alongside other girls who had also been drugged like her.

” I saw him sleeping with us all but I was too weak to even move a finger. He slept on all of us, one after the other and without any protection on,” Nabulime narrated while appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut show.

Nabulime further revealed that she realised she had spent the night in the money bag’s bedroom and started worrying about her life. She also thought of the other girls who would also become pregnant like her since he had had live sex with them.

The girl, who was 17 at the time of the incident left the Bryan White Foundation amid resistance from Bryan White. She later discovered her pregnancy and decided to raise the child single handedly.

” I am not paid by anyone to tarnish Bryan’s name but all I want is justice. I also want to let the world know that all the other girls accusing him of sexual abuse are not telling lies because I was there and witnessed everything.”  Nabulime further said on suggestions that she had been paid by mafias to frame Bryan White.

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