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Bryan White Vows To Go To Court Over De-Registration Of Bryant White Foundation. 

Socialite Brian Kirumira has vowed to seek legal action against The National Bureau of NGOs which revoked the licence for the Bryan White Foundation citing sexual harrasment and illegal deals.

Investigations conducted by the government stipulate that the alleged foundation has no office whatsoever not any actions that may be categorized as ' developmental' The NGO authority body further alleges a that the activities of the foundation are criminal such as sexual harrasment.

In a statement published by the National Bureau of NGO's, The Bryan White Foundation is simply a one man show off and a sham which over shadow Bryan White's hidden motives. "It’s clear that Bryan White Foundation is a one-man show organisation and a sham registered with possible hidden motives rather than for the stated objectives at registration. Based on these findings, the NGO Bureau has taken the decision the decision to revoke the permit of operation of Bryan White foundation and to cancel the certificate of registration. Therefore, the existence of Bryan White foundation as an organization recognized by the NGO bureau ceases with immediate effect,” the statement read. It should be noted that Bryant used the foundation to give out millions of cash. It was however characterized by sexual harrasment, violence, blackmail, rape and torture.

Bryan however insists the foundation is legal and he will have to run to court to over rule the decision of the bureau

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