Buchaman Arrested Like A Chicken Thief,  Currently Nursing Wounds.

Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman is nursing wounds at Malcolm clinic in Kibuye after Police manhandled him on Thursday for allegedly inciting violence.

Buchaman said he had gone to Busega, in execution of his duties as a presidential advisor to listen to the problems of the ghetto people.

He was however surprised when he was attacked by Police officers who manhandled him like a chicken thief and totalling disregarding his position as Presidential Advisor on Ghetto affairs and his disabilities.

"Police and local people there is a big gap. I went to Busega to listen to some of my ghetto people who needed my assistance as the presidential advisor on ghetto issues and the ghetto president, “ he said.

"Excessive force used without listening to us was unnecessary especially on a person living with disabilities. Police brutality must stop and the voice of the Ghetto people needs to be heard. We want peace, not war.This is not politics, but I stand against demolishing and burning down people’s homes in a time like this. It is too bad that my colleague, the RCC of Kampala failed to have a peaceful talk even after I requested to talk to her so as to find a solution.” he added.

Buchaman is a self proclaimed Ghetto president having split up with Bobi Wine years back. He was appointed by President Museveni as a presidential envoy to the ghetto.

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